Ron Sexsmith Preps New Album


Not necessarily his “metal”
album, however…


By Blurt Staff


Juno award-winning singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith will
release his album ‘Long Player Late
on Ronboy Rhymes March 1. It was produced by, improbably enough, Bob
Rock of Metallica, Motley Crue and The Cult infamy. A number of the songs were
written during a stay in New Mexico,
on a rented guitar that Ron fell in love with. A documentary film about Ron’s
life and the making of ‘Long Player Late
called ‘Love Shines’ will also be released in 2011.

Songs like “Get In Line,” “The Reason Why” and “Late
Bloomer” capture Sexsmith at his best. Melodies effortlessly glide with
his velvety croon, embedded in the troubadour’s expertly crafted lyrics.
“I’m late bloomer and I’m a slow learner/And I’ve turned the record over/
I’m a long player / My song is my savior / I’ve got to raise it up / As far as
my spirit can reach,” he sings on “Late Bloomer,” a sampling of
Sexsmith’s densely layered poetics.

Sexsmith’s dynamic set of songs, from the melancholy to the revved-up, unfurl
with glistening guitars and a bold rhythm section. “Musically, this record
sounds upbeat…but there is a darkness there,” he says.

Musicians on the album include guitarist Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney),
bassist Paul Bushnell (Elton John, No Doubt), keyboard player Jamie Edwards
(Aimee Mann) and drummer Josh Freese (Devo, Nine Inch Nails). It was recorded
at Sage and Sound Recording (Hollywood), The
Orange Lounge (Toronto)
and The Warehouse Studio (Vancouver).


1. Get In Line
2. The Reason Why
3. Believe It When I See It
4. Miracles
5. No Help At All
6. Late Bloomer
7. Heavenly
8. Michael And His Dad
9. Middle Of Love
10. Everytime I Follow
11. Love Shines
12. Nowadays


[Photo: Natasha Bardin]



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