Robin Rogers 1955-2010 R.I.P.


Dynamic blues singer had
recently released an acclaimed new album.


Blurt Staff


Robin Rogers passed away December 17 at the age of 55 following a battle with
liver cancer.  She died at her home in Gastonia, North
Carolina, where she was being cared for by her
husband and musical partner, Tony. 


August the talented singer and harmonica player was diagnosed with
terminal cancer.  Like most musicians Robin and Tony were without health
insurance and depended on touring for their income. For years Robin was always
ready to donate her time and performances to a good cause. So it was not
surprising that there was an immediate outpouring of love and support from the
blues community and her many fans.  Benefits and fundraisers were held
around the country to raise money for medical bills and living expenses. 

Rogers was
deeply moved by the support, and was also buoyed by the success and
critical acclaim for her new Blind Pig Records CD, Back In The Fire, which debuted
at #3 on the Billboard Blues sales chart, where it remains in the top ten.


Pig owner Jerry Del Giudice said, in a statement,  “Robin always struck me as someone who
felt she didn’t have a moment to spare. She was constantly in motion.  I
became aware that her artistry and her integrity were two things she would not
compromise and how genuinely she cared about others in need.  She was
diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly before the release of Back In The Fire
She told me that although she didn’t want to carry this burden, it was hers to
carry and she would do the very best she could with every moment she had left. I
read a Russian proverb sometime ago that goes something like this: When
you are born you cry while everyone around you laughs.  If you lead a good
life, when you die you laugh while everyone around you cries.  I’m sure
she’s having a well deserved laugh. As we cry we have to remember what a
wonderful laugh that was and how sorely it will be missed.”


Rogers, winner of the 2009 “Best Female
Artist” Blues Blast Award, was announced just this week as a nominee
for a Blues Music Award for “Contemporary Blues Female
Artist”  by the Blues Foundation.  And just last weekend
Robin was featured on National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition
Saturday,” where she told host Scott Simon that despite battling cancer
and the effects of chemotherapy, she felt “blessed.”  To
listen to the full interview, click HERE.



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