New Buffalo Tom LP Incoming

Followup to 2007 comeback album, and first on
their own label.


By Blurt


Buffalo Tom
will be releasing its eighth studio album, Skins, on February 15, the
first release on the band’s own Scrawny Records. Produced by the band in their
hometown of Boston, MA, and mixed by long-time friends Paul Q.
Kolderie (who produced the band’s breakout third album, 1992’s Let Me Come
) and Tom Polce, Skins is the follow up to 2007’s Three Easy
, which brought Buffalo Tom back into the spotlight after a nine-year


The new
album, incidentally, features guest Tanya Donnelly of Belly, Breeders and
Throwing Muses fame singing on the song “Don’t Forget Me.” Besides
the standard CD, a deluxe edition will be available with demos and b-sides, as
well as a vinyl version with a download card featuring the additional songs.


Mike O’Malley, whose star has recently risen higher as a result of his work on Glee,
loves the band so much that he asked to write the bio for Skins. In it,
he writes of the moment he discovered the band when they released 1994’s Big
Red Letter Day


were men my age making music about things that mattered – how we navigate our
lives amidst the messes we get handed and the messes we’ve made — and they
were doing it with an authentic sound that had heft, texture and
drive.   They did what we want our rock and roll to do — distill
potent observations about life and disguise any sentimentality – eliminate it
— by backing up the observations with guitars and drums.


for those who fell for the Buffalo Tom of “Taillights Fade,”
“Soda Jerk,” “Tree House” and “Summer,” this
document exists, in part to proclaim that Buffalo Tom’s new album Skins is worthy of your attention. It has all the things that Buffalo Tom does
well.    Songs about situations and subjects that the average
human can relate to – with all the gravity you’d expect from a band that still
has something to say.  Throughout Skins, Buffalo Tom is unafraid to
go deeper than the surface layer, and they spend much of this record bringing
forth warnings, laments and admonishments.”



Arise, Watch
She’s Not Your Thing
Don’t Forget Me
Guilty Girls
Miss Barren Brooks
Paper Knife
Here I Come
Lost Weekend
The Hawks & The Sparrows
The Big Light
The Kids Just Sleep
Out of The Dark 




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