Mekons Documentary In the Works

Film reaches its Kickstarter goal and is now tentatively
slated for a 2011 release.


By Blurt Staff


With a Kickstarter
campaign having wrapped for the forthcoming documentary film “Revenge of the Mekons” filmmaker
Joe Angio (More Than a Game, How to Eat
Your Watermelon In White Company [And Enjoy It])
can now buckle down and
complete his buzzworthy project. According to Angio’s description of the film:


 “Revenge of the Mekons” is a
documentary about the legendary, rabble-rousing punk band that, four decades
into an unlikely career, continue to make unpredictable, critically acclaimed
music. The film charts the band’s mid-’80s reincarnation as the unlikely
progeny of Hank Williams (a development that inspired journalists to coin the
term “alt country”) and captures the restless imagination that has
led the Mekons to create – collectively, individually and in collaboration with
others – paintings, sculptures, theater pieces, even a group novel. The film
also reveals its subjects as passionate advocates for social justice, whose
work, as journalist Greg Kot tells us, “functions almost without exception as a
critique of power and the abuse of power.” A rich and illuminating account of a
fascinating, criminally under-recognized band, Revenge of the Mekons will be a
lively, inspiring, and entertaining film – with killer music, to boot!


Not only did
the project meet its initial goal of $20,000, but exceeded it by an extra $15k,
amassing 301 backers, including SNL’s Fred
, Hugo Burnham of Gang of Four,
former REM manager Jefferson Holt and author /comedian John Hodgman.

According to Angio, the successful campaign would not have been possible
without the great support from the Mekons themselves. Jon Langford said that
the Kickstarter campaign “really energized” the band and reaffirmed why the
Mekons should keep doing what they do so well.



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