M.I.A. Offers Free Mixtape Download


All the world is
asking, Who is Vicki Leekx? Hint: say it out loud, rapidly, in a fake German


By Fred Mills


Sure, M.I.A. was one of 2010’s more annoying celebrities,
sticking her foot where a microphone should be more often than not. And sure,
her 2010 album Maya was easily one of
the worst releases of the year, a musical mess on par with the new Hole album.
(How bad was it? We bought it on sale at Target for $9.99 then traded it in at
the local Disc Exchangers store a week later and we were happy to get $3.50 in trade
credit that we could apply to a live Clash bootleg.)


But none of that should hold you back from nabbing the
freebie M.I.A. posted online today as a New Year’s Eve gift: the Vicki Leekx mixtape is available for the
price of an email addy over at the new VickiLeekx.com webpage. (Thanks to
Pitchfork for the tip.) As you can see from the image below, if features an
array of ace producers including M.I.A. herself and includes unreleased
material along with Maya outtakes.
Hey, maybe they’re better than the original album tracks!


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