Look: Lots o’ Lykke Li Live


Concert clips of the
Swedish chanteuse debuting material from her forthcoming album.


By Blurt Staff


We’ve been on a major Lykke Li trip ever since the first
single “Get Some” – and the provocative accompanying video – surfaced on the
web. As reported a couple of weeks ago, her new album, “Wounded Rhymes,”
arrives March 1 on LL Recordings, so to help whip you up in time for that, fans
have also been posting a number of recent live video clips of songs slated to
appear on the album. (Thanks to Pitchfork and TwentyFourBit for the tip.) Check
‘em out, below – the new songs, a couple of them duplicated, include “Get Some”
(which leads off), “I Follow Rivers,” “Rich Kid Blues,” “Love Out of Lust” and “Jerome.”



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