Is Superdrag Splitting Up for Good?


John Davis announces
formation of new band – “Motorhead meets Black Flag meets Bad Brains” at that.
Epic Ditch is the name.


By Fred Mills


Tennessee-based power pop avatars Superdrag got back
together a few years ago and ultimately released a new album, 2009’s Industry Giants, to much acclaim, and
the group was equally well-received on the touring circuit. More recently,
however, the band has been mostly dormant with the members concentrating on
their own projects – most recently, guitarist Brandon Fisher has been a member
of The Beta Connection, and Tom Pappas in Flesh Vehicle, while founder and
mainman John Davis remaining his usual multitasking self on numerous fronts.


Then in late November, Davis
disclosed on the band’s website that he’d been recording a slew of songs
that he characterized as potential solo fodder, and that he was also forming a
new band. Davis


Lineup = myself on guitar on
vocals, Nick on bass (he’s a ripper!), Stewart from Pegclimber on guitar and
vocals, and Nick Slack on drums. It’s a proper Skate Rock band… with the
stated goal of trying to combine the stoke factor of the first 3 Motörhead records,
Bad Brains’ ROIR Sessions and My War-era Black Flag into a tasty new
high-octane blend, custom-built to get you hyped on your way to the park (or
your job you hate, or wherever you might be going, actually). We’re definitely
in the earliest stages of development (translation: we have 4 songs and 0
practices under our belts), but I’m trying to write every day. Some of you will
probably hate it; others of you might love it (I hope).



Apparently the initial
plans were to call the band Peace Bomb, but Davis is rethinking that at the moment, and
for now he’s calling it Epic Ditch. There’s already a MySpace page up with a
number of 4-track demos posted, and the band has about 14 new tunes recorded
and suggests it may wind up with a double album’s worth of material when they’re
ready to head into the studio formally.


Meanwhile, though, no
further word about the fate of Superdrag – except for one cryptic comment from Davis on the Superdag
message board
. A fan asked, “Does this mean Superdrag is done or just on the
backburner?” to which Davis
replied, “Never say never, I guess.”


Stay tuned…






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