Gorillaz iPad Album Title is The Fall

What, the season, or
the band? Or as in, “… from grace”?


By Blurt Staff


That upcoming Gorillaz album you’ve heard about that the
band is releasing for FREE, at their website, on Christmas day – yes, the one that Damon Albarn
indicates was recorded primarily using an iPad – now has a title: The Fall. He’s been preparing the album
while on tour, hence using the groovy little ad hoc Portastudio made at the
house of Apple.


Some Kind Of Awesome is reporting that in an interview in Australia at
Triple J FM, Albarn talked about the upcoming album and also performed a live
session featuring “stripped down” songs from the latest Gorillaz album Plastic Beach. Head over to SKOA where
they have audio tracks posted.


Earlier, media reports have indicated that Albarn also
intends to debut a video from the iPad album on Christmas Eve. Some pundits
have been jumping all over the iPad angle, but in truth the Gorillaz aren’t the
first ones to start harnessing the table computer’s potential for music-making.
Earlier this year we witnessed firsthand the Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich
+ Fussible in concert, rocking out hard with guitars, horns and iPads…


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