EDD, Rizzo & Key Prep Albums


Eleventh Dream Day
issues first album in five years; Rick Rizzo and Tara Key, their first in a
decade. Watch for live performances too.


By Blurt Staff


Chicago legends Eleventh Dream Day return next spring with
their first album in five years; Riot Now!,
due March 22 from Thrill Jockey, is a call back to the urgency of 1988’s Prairie School Freakout, with a string
of mostly first takes tracked in one session with few overdubs. Rick Rizzo,
Janet Beveridge Bean, Douglas McCombs and Mark Greenberg revel in their own
mixture of melodic mayhem.


The label adds, “The album cover depicts a check out line in
a grocery store.  A customer stands
glibly in line wearing a shirt that says “Riot Now!” Overhead a security camera
films, and customers move about with blank expressions.  The cover and many of the songs are comments
on the contradictions inherit in a desire for large scale social change while
retaining all the creature comforts of prosperity.  While this election has shown us that
Americans have less patience, we are largely complacent and unable to take
action beyond complaint.”



Meanwhile, Rizzo has also teamed up with Antietam’s
Tara Key for a new album. The limited edition LP (just 500 copies) is titled Double
the follow up to 2000’s Dark Edson Tiger, and drops via Thrill
Jockey on Feb. 22. In the wake of the earlier album the duo performed live intermittently,
including an appearance at All Tomorrow’s Parties, but a decade is a long time.


So as the label puts it, appropriately enough, “Now, in a
Van Winkle like-daze, they are back, a new batch of instrumental collaborations
ready to test the brave new decade. It would be easy to say that they simply
wanted to wait out the debacle of poor government and unmitigated corporate
greed, but truth be told, the seeds for Double
were sown in early live New York City sessions with bassist Tim Harris
not long after the Dark Edson dust
had settled. These let-the-tape-roll sessions produced some of the guitar
psychedelia that long-time observers might have expected from these two,
including the epic tracks that now comprise ‘Noisy Attic’ as well as the
genesis of ‘Interruptive Organ.’ The duo then returned to the digital swap
method – Chicago-NYC-NYC-Chicago that generated D.E.T., now sending electronic files as opposed to bulky tapes. On
Rizzo’s yearly visits to New York,
Tara and Rick found time between tennis and tapas to lay down more loops and
tracks, slowly building what would become Double
. Josh Clark changed the landscape with his percussive sensibilities.”



Expect both Eleventh Dream Day and Rizzo/Key to do some live
shows; the duo plans a handful of shows in NYC and Chicago around the time of
their album’s release, then both will hit the road with their respective
outfits – and yes, Key is finishing up a new Antietam record. Stay tuned for
news on that.



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