Dubious Rumor Dept.: ABBA Reunion


What are the odds,


By Fred Mills


In a masterstroke of preemptive spin, NME.com today floated
a rumor
– or, more accurately, “created a rumor by placing a quote out of
context” – that ABBA might reunite in the near future. They quote vocalist
Agnetha Faltskog as saying in an interview with M Magazine,


“A reunion, an
occasional opportunity, maybe in connection with a charity event, I believe we
could consider it. We would not reunite for a tour like The Rolling Stones and
other old bands do now. However, I could see us doing something together in the
future. It is just a feeling I have that it would be fun to get together, talk
a bit about the past and maybe perform together.”


The fine print: Agnetha hasn’t actually talked to the other
erstwhile ABBA embers Bjorn Ulvaes, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Prinzessin
Reuss von Plauen. Hey, 1 out of 4 ain’t bad! NME goes on to note that British oddsmakers are giving odds
of 66-1 for ABA
playing the Royal Wedding on April 29.


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