Clinton, Cypress Hill Launch Lawsuits


One pretty
legit-looking suit, one slightly more tenuous.


By Blurt Staff


Funk godfather George Clinton is suing the Black Eyed Peas
(along with UMG and Cherry Hill Music) for an unauthorized sample of his Parliament
classic “(Not Just) Knee Deep”. The offending sample – whose song source has
long been a favorite of hip-hop artists for sampling – apparently turned up in
Peas tune “Shut Up” from the 1999 Grammy-nominated album The E.N.D.


According to a report at, a request to license
a sample came to his attention when the band wanted to do a remix of “Shut Up,”
and he turned down the request, only to find out later that they’d already
sampled him on the original album version of the song. Clinton is now asking for the maximum amount
allowable of $150,000.




Meanwhile, Tech Dirt is reporting that Michael “Shagg”
Washington, a singer for Cypress Hill, has filed suit (to the tune of $250
million) against Rockstar Games, which produces Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He’s claiming that the game’s
designers had interviewed him in 2003 about gang life, and then some time
later, after the game had been published, someone alerted him to the fact that
the main character in the game, C.J. Johnson, bore a striking visual and
audible similarity to Washington.


He’s claiming that he was promised to be notified if he
would be used in the game in any way, but that all that happened was him having
his name listed in the credits. His suit alleges “fraud, misappropriation of
likeness and infringement.”




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