Cheap Trick to Stage “Dream Police”


Orchestras, choirs,
horns, dancing bears and flying Wallendas!


By Fred Mills


Cheap Trick is planning to launch an ambitious tour they’re
calling “Dream Police Featuring Cheap Trick,” and yes, giving top billing to
their classic 4th album from 1979, Dream Police, over their own name, isn’t a mistake. Starting with a
Jan. 20 premiere in Milwaukee,
they will perform Dream Police in
concert in its entirety, and as a full-blown stage production involving an
orchestra, a choir, a horn section and more.


According to their official website, the shows – which will
continue with “select dates through February 26” – will feature “The Rhythmic
Noise Philharmonic Orchestra & Mind Choir in 4D in Collaboration with [production
designer] Butch Allen, [comic and producer] Bello Nock & Jim Yukich.”


In a statement, bassist Tom Petersson said, “Dream Police
was the first record where we felt the songs were well-suited for
orchestration; that was a very expansive time for us musically.” Vocalist Robin
Zander added, “SSince then, we’ve been fortunate to work with several
world-class orchestras – live and in the studio, and after 36 years together,
our band is thrilled to have an opportunity to present our songs – both new and
old – with an orchestra and a unique state-of-the-art production.”


Elaborating in a interview yesterday, Zander noted that the
production was still being planned and fine-tuned: “It will be like a
three-part show. ‘Dream Police’ being the core…There’s going to be some film,
some interviews, some of our other music that’s going to be performed by other
people — I can’t really say special guests, but guests — some medleys done
(by) just the orchestra. There will be some different renditions of songs; ‘The
Flame’ will have a different approach to it. We’ve discussed putting together
our own sort of ending that’s kind of bits and pieces of songs that are familiar
with the audience. “It takes a lot of time and a lot of thought to not
just go in and do the album from front to back but to sort of give a history of
what led up to the album. It’s going to cover a lot of ground.”


The band will also be doing selected tunes from its huge back catalog.


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