Bob Dylan Sez: Keep Those Notebooks Kids!


Rare lyric sheet goes
on the auction block an aims for a quarter-mil. Check the video clip, below.


By Fred Mills


Okay, so we all know that NONE of you are the “next Dylan”;
that sobriquet has been the friggin’ kiss of death for promising
singer-songwriters since the mid ‘60s.


Just the same, if the latest news from the Dylan universe is
any guide, on the very remote chance that you eventually come even marginally
close to being as popular and influential as the good Dr. Zimmerman, it would
be in your best interest to have saved all your notebooks, files, stray scraps
of paper and hastily-scrawled cocktail napkins – or at least have made sure
there was a close friend of sycophant dutifully trailing along behind you to
retrieve all that stuff that you, in
your booze-and-drugs-addled state, couldn’t quite muster the wherewithal to


Case in point: As various media outlets were reporting late
yesterday, the original hand-written lyrics to Dylan’s timeless “The Times They
Are A-Changin'” will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s next week on Dec. 10, with
an estimated selling price of between $200k and $300k. Apparently Dylan “was
slack” about hanging on to his written stuff,
but a Greenwich Village buddy, Kevin Krown,
had indeed kept the lyric sheet in a safe place.


Let the bidding begin – and let this also be a lesson to all
you whiny, woke-up-this-morning-and-drank-some coffee tunesmiths who have yet
to master the art of being packrats.



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