Barlow, Thermals, Furs Do Charity Tees


Each band designs
teeshirts, with proceeds from the sales going to the charities of their choice.


By Blurt Staff


Option-G Apparel announced yesterday that it has rounded up The
Thermals, Handsome Furs and Lou Barlow to simultaneously release 3
limited-edition charity t-shirts designed by the band members. Each new t-shirt
design will benefit a charity hand-picked by each band/musician. The Thermals
t-shirt design will benefit Planned Parenthood, while Handsome Furs’ will
benefit Stupini Kids and Lou Barlow’s design will benefit Autism Speaks.


(top: The Thermals’ Kathy Foster’s design for Planned


(below: Lou Barlow’s design, for Autism Speaks, followed by
Handsome Furs’ Alexei Perry’s design for Stupini Kids)



Often designing posters, album covers and making music videos, Option-G wanted
to create another way to work with musicians and at the same time give
something back to charities in need. The charity t-shirt series is a unique and
different way for musicians to express themselves visually. Option-G also plans
to extend the series to include non-musician guest artists as well. Some of
Option-G’s past designs have included Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Jimmy
Tamborello (Postal Service), Ned Brower (Rooney), Aaron Burtch (Grandaddy), Ben
Lee, Tim Presley (Darker My Love) and Helen Marnie (Ladytron). Option-G will be
releasing more musician and non-musician artist designs for charity throughout

T-shirts available now at the Option-G website.


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