A Christmas Gift from Bradford Cox

Five versions of a new
Atlas Sound tune for free Download. Now that’s a very Christmassy image, above.


By Fred Mills


A little less than a month ago, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound
mainman Bradford Cox was super-busy recording and posting collections of demos
to his blog – four volumes’ worth of what he called Bedroom Databank. Then for some reason Sony Music deleted the files
from the web, prompting Cox to re-post them – and eventually somebody at Sony
realized a goof had been committed. (Read about all this here.)


Now we learn (thanks, Pitchfork) that Cox has just posted
five versions of a holiday song to the Deerhunter blog. Titled “Artificial
Snow,” it’s being billed as an Atlas Sound composition and the main version of
the tune is scheduled to appear on a forthcoming compilation.


Writes Cox, at the blog, “Work tapes for a song I
made for my roommate David’s annual Christmas compilation. Lockett also made a
song, as well as David and Colin’s band Hollow Stars and a bunch of other rad
people. I think David is releasing it in the next few days.” 


Head over to the Deerhunter blog and click on the “download”
button to nab the five tracks.


Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest album is part of
BLURT’s Top 50 Albums of 2010, incidentally – it came in at #3. For the full
list, go here.



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