Xmas Wishlist 1: Lennon Box Of Vision


This year’s followup
to the 2009 Beatles
Box Of Vision may
not be as essential as its predecessor, but if you’re a true fan, it’s still a


By Rick Allen

Let’s face facts; you probably don’t have most of
John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s collaborative projects beyond the two studio Plastic
Ono Band albums, Live Peace In Toronto, Double Fantasy and Milk And Honey. Even if you
bought the others back when they came out on vinyl it’s not likely you bought
them again on CD.


That means that several slots in the CD Storage
Book part of the hefty (12 pounds) John Lennon Box Of Vision will remain empty. But that doesn’t mean this attractive
100 dollar plus presentation isn’t worth picking up. It’s a no brainer for
hardcore collectors and Beatles fans. For everyone else it’s still a cleverly
conceived and lovingly crafted and even practical piece with a silver-inked
portrait of John on the front of the outer box and a reproduction of his
line-drawing “Baby Grand” on the back.



The most practical and maybe the best reason to
have it is the LP Artwork Book which features hi res LP size reproductions of
the covers of John’s solo albums as well as the ones he and Yoko made together.
These are much easier to read than micro-printed CD booklets but looking
through them also brings back the emotional rush of picking up a brand new
Beatle LP for the first (and sometimes the hundredth) time. Listening to an
album, a Beatles album especially, while getting lost in the cover art is an
experience that’s much missed by those who remember doing it. When CDs were
first coming onto the market and manufacturers and retailers were looking to quash
the relatively easy shoplifting of these new pocket sized recordings it’s a
mystery why record companies didn’t simply package the new media in standard
sized album covers made with an accommodating CD sized pocket.


Problem solved. In addition, these pictures,
printed on high quality paper, are beautiful. They may not carry the nostalgic
weight of those in the companion set, 2009’s The Beatles Box Of Vision, but this is one area where many of the John and Yoko
albums stand on equal ground with Lennon’s solo releases. The covers are also
reproduced behind the plastic covers of the sleeves for the actual CDs in the
CD Storage Book to make for easy sorting.


The third part of the Box Of Vision is the Catalography which features a full discography
of John’s solo and John and Yoko’s albums. The Catalography also has the album
covers and notes and guide by tax attorney and Beatle-ologist Brice Spizer.


you have the scratch, The Lennon Box Of
is worth the investment even if you aren’t a Lennon or Beatles fan.
It probably won’t be in production for long and it’s almost certain to increase
in value as time goes by. If you are a Lennon fan/collector the Box will have
great practical value and, like all things Beatles, the emotional worth will be



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