Watch/Listen: New Tom Waits 78rpm


Limited edition goes
on sale Friday in New Orleans
and Saturday online. Check out the YouTube clip, below, for “Tootie Ma.”


By Blurt Staff

Oy, it’s enough to make you grab the phone and call up Mom to see if your
old drop-down Magnavox record player – the one with four speeds – is still
stashed away in the attic. Glom onto this:




No less a 78rpm-fan than Tom Waits collaborated last with the Preservation Hall
Jazz Band on two tracks for the Preservation project, and now
“Tootie Ma Was A Big Fine Thing” and “Corrine Died on the
Battlefield” are about to be issued as a vinyl 78. It arrives on November
19, and here are the details per Waits’ website:


The two tracks will now be packaged in a special limited edition 78 rpm
format record, each signed and numbered by Preservation Hall Creative Director
Ben Jaffe. The first one hundred records will be accompanied by a custom-made
Preservation Hall 78rpm record player as part of a Deluxe Donation package. The
remaining four hundred and four will be available as a standalone record for
the Basic Donation package.

This special limited edition recording will be made available in two
different tiers, based on the level of donation: Deluxe Donation Tier: $200 –
Limited Edition 78rpm record featuring Tom Waits & The Preservation Hall
Jazz Band AND a custom-made Preservation Hall 78 record players – and Basic
Donation Tier: $50 – Limited Edition 78rpm record featuring Tom Waits & The
Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Both packages will be available for in-person purchase at Preservation Hall
in New Orleans
on November 19, 2010 at 10:00am Central and available for purchase online
November 20th here.


Wait – did they say “custom-made Preservation Hall 78rpm record player”?!?
That’s right; as you might surmise from the video clip above and the photo
below, you can get your very own custom, standalone turntable, just like they
used to make ‘em (internal amp/speaker included – although it’s hard to tell
from the photo if it will also play 45s, 33 1/3 LPs and 16rpm kids’ records).
Now THAT is entertainment.


And THAT is limited, too. 100 packages plus 404 records ain’t much, so don’t
be a slowpoke on those days it all goes on sale…





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