Watch New Video of Railroad Earth


The song is called “Long Walk Home” and the video, below, is directed by Debbie Saslaw. Enjoy! (photo credit: Manjari Sharma)


Bo Oswald


tilting ‘n’ twanging Americana
outfit Railroad Earth dropped their latest album Railroad Earth a couple of weeks ago on
the One Haven Music label. It completes the transformation begun a few years
ago from uber-rootsy combo (two of their early albums were on folk/bluegrass label
Sugar Hill) to unabashed jamband (a subsequent label-hop found them on SCI
Fidelity) to something even more complex and cerebral – though no less rocking
– along the lines of a younger Wilco-via-a-Nashville-detour.


a triumphant affair, in fact, and while devotees of the New Jersey band’s last album, 2008’s Amen
will not be disappointed, it’s a signpost of great things to come. The video
clip is for the album’s stellar lead-off track, and it’s as good as any
introduction and continuation as I can think of. You can also hear more tunes from the
band at their MySpace page, where a list of dates for their recently-launched
national tour can also be viewed. Don’t miss the band live.




Railroad Earth: Long Walk Home (official video) from One Haven Music on Vimeo.

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