Simian Mobile Disco Goes Ape!

New album arriving
this month featuring mixed and unmixed tracks. Free MP3, below.


By Blurt Staff


Simian Mobile Disco have
spent 2010 creating a series of techno releases on their new imprint Delicacies. Additionally Jas Shaw
and James Ford have been accompanying these 12″s by curating their Delicatessen parties around the UK.


SMD are now set to release
the complete Delicacies series
on one album (and on their own label also called Delicacies). It’s due on Nov.


Each songtitle bears the
name of a bizarre and exotic delicacy discovered by James and Jas while on
tour. Amalgamating hard edged analogue beat structures as well as some of the
more mellow, melodic aspects of techno, Delicacies reiterates the musical eccentricity that Simian
Mobile Disco continue to create.


You can get an advance
taste with a free MP3 for the track “Aspic” right here.


The two-disc album also
features a bonus mixed version recorded live in the studio. Full tracklisting


Upcoming Shows:


17 2010    Fixed @ U Street Music Hall – DJ – DC,

Nov 18
2010     Fixed @ Santos Party House – DJ – New York, NY

19 2010     Mezzanine – DJ – San Francisco, CA

20 2010     Avalon – DJ – Los Angeles, CA

21 2010     Voyeur – DJ – San
Diego, CA





UNMIXED                                         MIXED

01. Aspic                                             01. Sweetbread

02. Nerve Salad                                  02. Hákarl

03. Casu Marzu                                   03. Nerve Salad

04. Thousand Year Egg          04. Casu Marzu

05. Skin Cracker                                 05. Skin Cracker

06. Hákarl                                           06.

07. Sweetbread                                   07. Thousand
Year Egg Drumappella

08. Ortolan                              08. Ortolan

09. Fugu




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