Seefeel Returns After 14 Years


Legendary ambient/electronica
outfit makes “not just a record, but a great record.”


By Blurt Staff


Post-shoegaze, proto-ambient rockers Seefeel made an
unexpected return to the public eye in May of 2009 at the Warp Records’ “Warp20”
anniversary bash, and according to the label’s cofounder Steve Becket the
performance from Mark Clifford & Co. was “unbelievable.”


Which probably didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who
caught the electronica mavens during their ‘90s heyday. Apparently Beckett then
approached the band about doing another album – it had been nearly 14 years
since their last record – and the response was positive. Enthuses Beckett,


“They came back six months later – not just with a record,
but a great record. This band needs to be heard, they need to be seen so that’s
why we got involved again. Family members might leave for a long time but they
will always come home.”



So earlier this year the band dropped a teaser EP, Faults, that got great notices. The new album, simply
titled Seefeel, is due
Feb. 1 from Warp. We’re listening to an advance of it right now, and it is
pretty amazing. While you await it, you can check out a clip from the
Warp20Paris show right here.



[Photo Credit: Stefan
De Batselier]




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