Sebastian Bach: Man Bites Dog, er, Man!


He’s a real berk, eh?


By Perez Mills


What’s an aging, out of work rocker to do when the hits dry
up, the hair starts to fall out, and the waistline spreads? Why, get into
drunken altercations at bars to ensure your presence on the nightly news, of


As so diligently reported yesterday, erstwhile Skid
Row vocalist Sebastian Bach – born Sebastian Bierk; now THAT is an appropriate
last name! – was at an Ontario
bar late Sunday evening when he and the bar owner had words, and when he was
asked to leave he complied but attempted to take his glass of wine with him.
After being stopped by employees he smashed the glass, and then, after the bar owner grabbed him, he bit the guy on the hand.


Back/Bierk was reportedly “detained” by the staff, and after
the police arrived and searched him he was arrested and charged with assault,
mischief and possession of pot (approx. 2 grams of weed).


Today TMZ helpfully posted the surveillance video footage of
the incident in a followup report.





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