Report: Dawes/Moondoggies Live Portland


Kicking off the holiday season at Portland’s
Doug Fir Lounge on November 19….


By Tim Hinely

First time I had ever seen Seattle’s Moondoggies and
while I like their first record ok enough the latest one, Tidelands is a standout. The band is four dudes who seem to like
the whole beards, flannels, trucker caps look (ok, re: the cap, only the bass
player) and they played a short (30 minutes?) but captivating set. Song titles?
Couldn’t tell you but I definitely heard a few gems off their latest record and
the singer/guitarist dude and keyboardist harmonized quite nicely. Don’t miss


OK, this is either the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen Dawes this year (first time was I believe back
in March at Mississippi Studios)  and not
sure how, but they keep getting better.
Wait, I know how…. doing it the old-fashioned way with lots of touring and
writing really great songs. Leader Taylor Goldsmith said they had recorded
their new record last month and they played a good five or six tunes off it,
the best being “Fire Away” (“About a friend going through a shitty time,” said
Taylor). In addition to the usual influences like The Band and CSN I am also
hearing Springsteen and even Zevon these days in their tunes – and The Boss
isn’t such an odd reference as Taylor Goldsmith injects plenty of religious
fervor into the tunes.


Also, while these guys aren’t
playing stadiums (not yet, anyway) their fan base is growing and growing
(packing the Doug Fir on this night) and the songs off the debut that I’ve
heard so many times, like opener “My Girl To Me”, “That Western Skyline”, “When
My Times Comes” (where the whole crowd was singing along) and “Go Rest My Soul”
never fail to sound like anything but well-worn classics. What a great band.


[Photo of Dawes: NLjubicich,
via Wikimedia Creative Commons]




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