Queers Everywhere in Nov. & Dec.

New album has songs
about GG Allin, titfucking and more, plus a Black Flag cover. Doesn’t get much
punker than that. Tour dates, below.


By Blurt Staff


The Queers are back with a brand new studio
album titled Back to the Basement.  It’s out Nov. 16 – hey, that’s TOMORROW – via Asian
Man.Recorded in Atlanta,
this release offers up thirteen tracks of blistering punk rock. Joe Queer says,
“Ben Weasel sequenced it, HogLog Rehab was on drums, Dangerous Dave on
bass, and I was on guitar and mean vocals. We recorded it in about 23 hours
from start to finish. That included writing a few songs in the vocal booth when
we took a coffee break.”


You can hear the whole thing streaming online
right here.


Since 1982, the QUEERS have been paving the way
for the RAMONES style pop punk bands across the globe. This new album will
continue their legacy as one of the pioneers of this genre. Mike Park of Asian Man Records states, “Back
to the Basement
sounds like a follow up to Love Songs for the Retarded era Queers.”


Joe Queer adds, Back to the Basement is
the best album we’ve done since I was on speedballs many years ago. It has
songs about titfucking and knowing GG Allin. It’s an instant classic, plus it’s
kind of catchy in places. We broke out Black Flag Damaged and listened
to that and TV Party and wrote this album. The cd version includes “White Minority” by Black Flag
actually. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it you hipster punks.”


Meanwhile, the band is on tour as of TOMORROW,
Nov. 16, and will be steaming across the U.S. until mid-December. Following
a holiday break, they’ll resume punk ops in January.




Nov 16
2010      8:00P

            Korova             San Antonia,

Nov 17
2010      9:00P

            Red Seven        Austin, TX       

Nov 18
2010      9:00P

            The Boiler Room Denton
         Denton, TX      

Nov 19
2010      10:00P

            The Conservatory         OKC,

Nov 20
2010      8:00P

            The Launchpad            Albuquerque,

Nov 21
2010      7:00P

            Chasers            Scottsdale,

Nov 22
2010      9:00P

            The Dive Bar    Las Vegas, NV

Nov 23
2010      8:30P

            The Casbah      san diego, ca  

Nov 24
2010      6:30P

Events Center
         Victorville, CA

Nov 26
2010      8:30P

            The Troubador             Los Angeles, CA

Nov 27
2010      8:00P

            Bottom of the Hill         San
Francisco, CA      

Nov 28
2010      8:00P

            Blue Lagoon    Santa Cruz, CA            

Nov 29
2010      6:00P

            Plea For Peace
Center Stockton, CA   

Nov 30
2010      8:00P

            The Blue Lamp             Sacramento, CA

Dec 1
2010        8:30P

            Dantes Portland, OR   

Dec 2 2010

            Red Room        Vancouver,

Dec 3
2010        7:00P

            El Corazon       Seattle, WA     

Dec 4
2010        5:00P

            Cretin Hop        Spokane, WA  

Dec 5
2010        8:00P

            Railyard           Billings,

Dec 7
2010        7:30P

            The Marquis Theater    Denver, CO      

Dec 8
2010        7:00P

            Slowdown        Omaha, NE      

Dec 9
2010        8:00P

            Triple Rock      Minneapolis,

Dec 10
2010      8:00P

            The Frequency             Madison, WI    

Dec 11
2010      6:00P

            Reggies Rock Club       Chicago,

Dec 12
2010      8:00P

            Smalls             Hamtramck,

Dec 14
2010      8:00P

            Grog Shop       Cleveland, OH

Dec 15
2010      7:30P

House          Newport, KY    

Dec 16
2010      7:30P

            Firebird            St. Louis,

Dec 17
2010      6:00P

            Twilight Tea and Coffee            Paducah,

Dec 18
2010      9:00P

            The Nick           Birmingham, AL          

Jan 13
2011      7:00P

            Orpheum          Tampa, FL       

Jan 14
2011      8:00P

            The Social        Orlando, FL     

Jan 15
2011      8:00P

            Churchills Pub             Miami, FL        

Jan 16
2011      8:00P

            Jackrabbits      Jacksonville,

Jan 18
2011      8:00P

            The Camel        Richmond, VA

Jan 19
2011      8:30P

            Black Cat          Washinton,

Jan 20
2011      6:30P

            The Barbary     Philadelphia,

Jan 21
2011      5:30P

            Maxwells          Hoboken,

Jan 22
2011      7:00P

            Mercury Lounge           New
York, NY  

Jan 23
2011      8:30P

            TT The Bears    Cambridge, MA           

Jan 24
2011      9:00P

            Geno’s Rock Club        Portland,

Jan 26
2011      7:00P

            L’agitee            Ville de Quebec,
Quebec, CANADA

Jan 27
2011      8:00P

            Mavericks         Ottawa, ON, CANADA

Jan 28
2011      9:00P

            Horseshoe Tavern        Toronto,

Jan 29
2011      8:00P

            Call The Office             London, Ontario, CANADA      

Jan 30
2011      7:00P

            Mohawk Place Buffalo, New York

Feb 1
2011        9:00P

            Frankie’s w/ We Are The Union            Toledo, Ohio   

Feb 2
2011        8:00P

            Bernie’s Distillery         Columbus,

Feb 3
2011        8:00P

            Shamrock’s Pub           Huntington,

Feb 4
2011        8:00P

            The Get Down Asheville, NC  

Feb 5
2011        9:00P

            Star Bar            Atlanta,

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