Phish + Concerts = Drugs! (duh.)



Some Days We Write The
News, And Other Days The News Writes Itself Dept.


By Fred Mills


Well, it beats paying 5 bucks for a balloon of nitrous in
the parking lot that will wear off before you even get through the turnstiles!


According to the Philadelphia
, the 3-night Halloween run in Atlantic City by legendary jam-banders Phish
netted a “Phish Pharmocopeia” for the AC police department. Apparently the cops
confiscated some $278,310 worth of drugs in assorted busts, along with $12,251
in cash related to transactions.


Oops – scratch the first paragraph, above. A detective was
reportedly “assaulted with nitrous oxide” while making an arrest. No word on
exactly what that means, but we presume that he read the arrestees their rights
in a high, squeaky voice. (Hey dude, try Freon next time, if you want to get
that low, authoritative voice on.)



Anyway, here’s the booty that was confiscated, including the
nitrous. What, only 8 valiums?!?


– 70 nitrous oxide tanks.

– 551.2 grams (19.4 oz.) marijuana.

– 4 marijuana-laced brownies.

– 16 marijuana-laced Rice Krispies Treats.

– 66 marijuana-laced cookies.

– 134.9 grams (4.8 oz.) psilocybin mushrooms.

– 22 doses of ketamine.

– 34.3 grams (1.2 oz.) of Ecstasy (MDMA powder form, a.k.a Molly).

– 60 pills of Ecstasy.

– 30.7 grams (1.1 oz.) cocaine.

– 2.2 grams (0.1 oz) heroin.

– 395 hits of LSD.

– 21 LSD-laced cookies.

– 26 Oxycodone pills.

– 39 Hydrocodone pills.

– 29 Carisoprodol pills.

– 14 Xanax pills.

– 8 Diazepam pills.

– 3 Alprazolam pills.




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