Now THAT’s Sexy – Rockin’, too!


Get laid with E-butts.


By Blurt Staff


For some reason our inboxes are getting flooded with spam
for E-cigarettes – you know, those that advertise “no tar, no tobacco, no ash,
no smell.” Hopefully no lung cancer, too, but that’s not specifically


All the ads tend to show some sexy babe (like the one above;
raise your hand if you spot the visual contradiction), of course; some things
in advertising never change. Obviously if you are in a bar and you plug in your
E-cigarette charger you will GET LAID. We hear some of the airlines are even
going to let people puff, or whatever you do with one of these gizmos, while in


And with SXSW coming up, thinking about how we always come
back from Austin smelling like an ashtray thanks to all the smoke clouds we
have to wade through, wouldn’t it be awesome if all you music fans out there
took to E-butts like pigs to mud. Of course… you could also all just grow the fuck up and stop, period. Didn’t
your parents tell you smoking’s bad for your health, you little turds?


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