New Player in the Ticketing Industry?

“First and only” fair
trade company only charges $1.99 for service fees on tickets.


By Fred Mills


It’s been a tough concert year all around, revenue-wise,
although it’s debatable whether behemoths like Live Nation and Ticketbastard,
er, Ticketmaster have gotten the message that consumers have had it just about
up to here with some of the hoops we have to jump through – and all of the
bullshit fees we have to cough up in the process – just to catch a show. There
are options, of course, if an independent promoter is handling a show and the
venue is employing a service such as TicketWeb (yours truly has consistently
had a good experience when a concert was sold via TicketWeb), but there’s no


At any rate, Seattle-based Brown Paper Tickets – which bills
itself as “the first and only fair-trade ticketing company” –  has quietly been making inroads into the
ticketing business, and a press release issued this week handily outlines the
services BPT offers both to event producers and to actually concert-goers. You
can read the press release here, and check out the website here. Meanwhile, I
spotted a satisfied customer testimonial elsewhere on the web that is worth



The company’s “fair trade” motto is what actually caught my
eye. Check out a few of the company’s claims, which if they are backed up, seem
to be pretty significant. That $1.99 service charge isn’t exactly
insignificant, either:



* We offer the lowest
service fee in the industry (Never more than $1.99!) with no hidden costs. No
credit card service fees, no “holiday” fees, and no print at home
fees. Relax and enjoy your event.


* We donate at least
5% of our profits to charities and microloans to communities we serve and

* We treat our employees fairly, providing a livable wage and insurance to all
full-timers. We’d offer insurance to the part-timers, but the insurance company
won’t let us. Yet.




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