MP3: New Birds of Avalon

Self-titled third
album arrives in January. MP3 link below.


By Blurt Staff


Raleigh’s Birds of Avalon has
been a fave around the BLURT houseboat for some time – a little over a year ago,
when they released their most recent album Uncanny Valley (Volcom), we enthused thusly:


“If 2007’s Bazaar Bazaar by Birds of Avalon was a
boogie van’s worth of ‘70s riffarama, bursting at the bellbottoms with BOC,
Sabbath, Skynyrd and Cheap Trick,  BoA v.2009 finds the Raleigh rockers
setting the controls for the heart of the Prog… An ominous sense of foreboding
runs through this remarkable suite of tunes, leaving you feeling vaguely
unsettled long after it’s over. Shades of Blade Runner.”


So news now arrives that they’ve got a new platter, simply
titled Birds of Avalon, set to drop
on January 11 via Bladen County Records (the accompanying vinyl will be on
Gigantic Music). It’s another Mitch Easter (REM, Wilco, Pavement)
analog production cut at his Fidelitorium Studio, and it;’s described as
building “on the pop-aesthetic of debut album Bazaar Bazaar but
blazes new progressive trails while anticipating the psychedelic
experimentation of Uncanny Valley…. psych nuggets poised to gain
new fans and impress critics as the band expands beyond its previous 70’s
inspired/ post-rock influences and looks to the future with greater abandon.”


Well, all right then. Intriguingly, this
will mark the band’s first recordings without vocalist Craig Tilley, so it will
be interesting to see (hear) how the guitar-slinging nucleus of Cheetie Kumar
and Paul Siler fare. Our magic 8-ball indicates that “all signs are good.”


Check out a teaser MP3 right here:



[Photo Credit: Gary Copelan]


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