Keith Morris Gets a Bobblehead


The arm points to the
mind. The arm points to the mind….


By Blurt Staff


It’s a timely, what with the emergence of the Keith
Morris-fronted punk combo OFF!, currently in the process of unleashing a stack
of EPs that will culminate in a box set later this month: we’re talking the
official Keith Morris bobblehead, or more accurately, a throbblehead. As pictured above, there’s plenty of ‘tude emanating
from the erstwhile Black Flag and Circle Jerks singer.


We are advised that “while the figure is labeled a Throbblehead,
it’s actually Keith’s arm that does all the movement, aggressively pointing
towards his mind.” Lo-tech, and awesome.



Morris ‘head joins a storied case of other punk icons, pictured above – see if
you can identify ‘em all. Meanwhile, view the ad taken from Morris’ answering
machine, below.


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