John Wesley Harding Drops 2nd Demos CD

Mail order only, kids.
Operators standing by. Meanwhile, check the link, below, to an awesome interview with Wes.


By Fred Mills


Earlier this year BLURT fave John Wesley Harding dropped a 14-song
collection of unreleased rarities titled John
Wesley Harding Sings to a Small Guitar Vol. 1
. The disc spanned 15-years’
worth of recording, offering stripped-down acoustic demo versions of songs that
had ultimately wound up on “official” JWH albums, including his recent Who Was Changed & Who Was Dead. The
release, incidentally, was only available for purchase at his website
. You can read more about it elsewhere at


As you might imagine, then, a “volume one” tends to spawn a “volume
two,” and sure enough, John Wesley
Harding Sings to a Small Guitar Vol. 2
has just turned up and is available,
you guessed it, at the JWH site. This time it comprises 15 previously unheard
acoustic demos from across the years, and the first 500 fans who nab it will
score a bonus disc. The details:


All songs are previously unreleased in any form. Exclusive
offer through this website includes immediate digital download of the entire
album, followed by delivery of the finished CD, housed in a beautiful mini-LP
gatefold sleeve with artwork that perfectly complements that of the first
volume. The first 500 copies come with a free 40-minute bonus CD of music and


The song “Hey! Director!” can currently be heard at his MySpace page – that’s an ace tune, no lie. Check it out, then fish that credit card out of
your wallet. The dude is trying to buy a fancy new bicycle, we hear…


Incidentally, over at the most excellent Largehearted Boy blog, JWH is subjected to an in-depth grilling about love, life, loaf and larf, not to mention some of the thinking that went into the demos collections. And the interviewer is none other than his alter-ego Wesley Stace.

As one might imagine, the Freudian implications are legion, as this exceprt suggests:


WS: OK. Is there anything you want to set the record straight about?

JWH: No. And if there were, I’d be way too self-conscious to
use this interview to do it. It would seem very bitter and like I’d been
stewing on it for years.

WS: Are you worried that people might find out something you don’t want them to find out about?

JWH: No. I’m an open book; what I seem to be onstage is what
I’m like. You know I don’t really write songs about my private life,
though. They’re my thoughts and feelings but I don’t really write real
people I know into them.

Read the full, unexpurgated, delightful and downright spleen-baring interview right here.


1. Hey! Director!
2. The Coming of Sound
3. The Promise of Love
4. I Don’t Work Here
5. Sorry, Lazarus
6. I’ll Be Your Eyes
7. You’re It!
8. The Receiving End
9. The Bullet Catch
10. Ballad of the Inferno
11.The Funeral Band
12. The Meltdown
13. I Know Nothing
14. Why Must The Show Go On?
15. We Are Not The First




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