Hey-Hey, We're the (R. Stone) Jayhawks!



They ain’t just monkee-ing around… hottest photos of the week, indeed!

By Blurt Staff

Shoot, it’s a hard knock life, being a photo editor and all that. Luckily, if you’re pulling time for an online portal, the internet can be a very, very forgiving place. Well, sometimes…

This afternoon, sharp eyed music buffs spotted the feature, w/photo, copied below, at RollingStone.com:


And while many of us here in the music world cheered the news of the great Mark Olson and Gary Louris getting their old back together (a press release was sent out today from Sony announcing a 7-date, 5-city mini-tour of the beloved Americana band’s reunion in which two of the Jayhawks’ albums will be performed in their entirety), some may have scratched their heads upon seeing the photo affixed to the RS article.

RS recovered quickly, however, and replaced the pic with the slightly more appropriate one, below… Hey, here at Blurt, we fuck up all the time, like when we mistakenly photoshopped Kurt Cobain’s face onto an image of an actual guitar player, haw haw haw… hoo….. (Thanks to our readers for pointing this out to us.) Incidentally, the Michael Ochs photo reproduced above is of the ’50s/’60s doowop group The Jayhawks. Clearly an honest mistake…



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