Have a Slayer Holiday Season!



Gut an elf for


By Fred Mills


Nowadays, cool/quirky YouTube videos are a dime a dozen,
with everyone who thinks they’ve come up with something original typically
being wayyyy behind the curve. Not always, though, as the video clip below – a
suburban home’s Christmas lights being turned on (and off, and on…) in
synchronization with the mighty Slayer.


Apparently the SoCal-based guy who set up the light display
has plans to do something similar with a Pantera song in time for Christmas.


Thanks to Boing Boing for posting this – in fact, you should
also go to the BoingBoing.net site and check out some of the comments that
folks have made about the video. As one wag pointed out, it would be awesome to
make a road trip to watch the light and sound display in person, but probably  not be all that cool if you happened to be the
next door neighbor…



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