Fire Recs Does 30 Giant Sand Reissues

First three are
already out, with the remainder set to start rolling out pronto. Watch this
space tomorrow for a special announcement….


By Fred Mills


Back in the summer we published a massive, two-part
with Giant Sand mainman Howe Gelb. Among sundry matters he outlined
some of his plans for the remainder of 2010, which included releasing a new
Giant Sand record, which he’d recently finished recording in Denmark (where
most of the band members actually liveas well as reissuing the first one, 1985’s
Valley of Rain.


(Gelb had a funny story to go with the latter that’s worth
repeating here: “I’d decided to move to L.A.
and drove out there, because I’d had two records I’d recorded and each one
found a home. Ten minutes before the Giant Sand record, I put together a
country record called the Band of Blacky
, and a guy in France wanted to put that out and a guy in England
wanted to put out the Giant Sand record, as well as Enigma Records here. So I
had both tapes in the car, had decided to move to L.A. in my van, and the night
I got there I had a feeling the van was going to get ripped off, and I took all
my stuff out of it, but I forgot about the tapes, they were behind the couch.
And sure enough the van did get broken into, and they stole a bunch of stuff of
my bass players. And I thought I had taken everything out, I was really happy,
and then later I realized, “fuck, the tapes are in there.” And the
funny thing was I forgot that a friend of mine, a radio guy named Jonathan L,
had given me a cactus to take out to a friend of his, and the cactus saved two
of the reels because whoever was rooting around there in the dark obviously got
spoinked by the cactus. So some junkie or something stole two reels, which was
the final mixes of the first Giant Sand record, so we had to remix them. We
have since found a cassette of the original mixes, so it’s just like a little
interesting aside. Not an important thing, but it’s nice to hear it on
cassette, and it sounds good, so we’ll release that version of it.”)


At any rate, the new GS
album, Blurry Blue Mountain, is out
this week via the Fire label and we shall have a full review of it promptly. Also,
check back with BLURT tomorrow, Nov.
25, as we’ll have a very special announcement of yet another new Gelb-related title that is about to come available – we
guarantee you’ll be surprised.


In the meantime, however, Fire has also unleashed the 25th Anniversary Edition of Valley of Rain, additionally announcing plans for an
ambitious reissue program for 30 albums dotting the GS/Gelb back catalogue.
Just out are 25th Anniversary Editions of 1986’s Ballad Of A Thin Line Man and 1988’s Storm, both core though often overlooked
titles in the band’s canon; Storm has
long been a favorite of yours truly, and it’s great to have that and the others
in pristine remastered/remixed form. Each title also boasts new artwork and
liners; Valley of Rain sports a
different track sequence from the original LP, and latter two also have one
bonus track apiece. These and all forthcoming titles will be available on vinyl
too. You can read a good review roundup of the three albums at and
keep your eyes peeled for the BLURT treatment as well.


Coming up next will be Love
(1988), Long Stem Rant (1989) and Swerve (1990). The
projected reissue schedule is below, but as a note on the Fire site cautions,
exact dates are tentative. Regardless, 2011 looks to be the Year of the Sand
Man. (For a comprehensive Giant Sand discography, click over to our good
friends at Sa-Wa-Ro. You’ll be glad you did, and more than a tad amazed at the sheer
quantity of music that Gelb has been responsible for in nearly three decades of



27th SEPTEMBER 2010
GIANT SAND – Valley Of Rain (25th Anniversary Edition)

GIANT SAND – Blurry Blue Mountain & Valley Of Rain (25th Anniversary
GIANT SAND – Blurry Blue Mountain
GIANT SAND – Ballad Of A Thin Man (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Storm (25th Anniversary Edition)

GIANT SAND – Love Songs (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Long Stem Rant (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Swerve (25th Anniversary Edition)

GIANT SAND – Ramp (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Center Of The Universe (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Purge & Slouch (25th Anniversary Edition)

GIANT SAND – Backyard BBQ Broadcast (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Goods & Services (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Glum (25th Anniversary Edition)

GIANT SAND – Chore Of Enchantment (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Cover Magazine (25th Anniversary Edition)
GIANT SAND – Black Out (25th Anniversary Edition)

MARCH 2011
HOWE GELB – Confluence
HOWE GELB – ….Some Piano
HOWE GELB – Hisser
HOWE GELB – Dreaded Brown Recluse
HOWE GELB – Sno Angel Wingin It

APRIL 2011
The Band Of Blacky
– The Band Of Blacky

The Band Of Blacky
– Sage Advice
The Band Of Blacky
– Heartland
The Band Of Blacky
– Still Looking Good To Me

MAY 2011
GIANT SAND – Its All Over The Map (25th Anniversary Edition)

JULY 2011
HOWE GELB – Sno Angel Like You





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