Chickasaw Mudd Puppies Reunion in Store?


With a new song cut
for 2011 film and a rumored slot for SXSW in March, it looks like all signs are
“go” for the much-loved Athens
duo, absent for nearly 20 years. Check the vintage video, below.


By Fred Mills


How many of you out there remember the Chickasaw Mudd
? Mainstays of the fertile Athens, GA, scene during the late ‘80s and
early ‘90s, the duo of Brant Slay (vocals, washboard, harp, stompboard) and Ben
Reynolds (vocals, percussion, guitar) issued a couple of well-received albums
featuring production assists from Willie Dixon and R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, and
through constant regional touring they worked up a pretty loyal fan base. They
also did good at college radio, although the grunge and commercial alt-rock
movements eventually came along to wipe them and a lot of other great bands off
the landscape. In retrospect, though, their stomping, hooting, banging and
twanging rootsy sound clearly prefigured acts like the Black Keys and the White
Stripes, and more than a few Americana
bands over the years have also cited the band as an inspiration.


They pretty much disappeared after the breakup. But now,
thanks to a semi-cryptic message left by Reynolds on the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies
Fan Club page at Facebook,
it looks like the duo may be easing back into the
saddle again, after a nearly two-decade hiatus. The wall posting, made
yesterday, read in part:


We were recently back in the studio to record a song for a movie, The
Mechanic. It will be out in 2011 and stars Jason Statham, Ben Foster, and
Donald Sutherland. We also have
a song in an indie film, Tracing Cowboys. No
world tour plans, but we are playing SXSW in 2011 and surely an Athens show is in the
mix.  Feel free to post…Thanks for
remembering us. B&B


Speaking as an old-school Mudd Puppies fan, I can’t wait.
Lots of fond memories seeing the band play back in the day, and if they are
going to be at SXSW I will definitely be in attendance. Let the stomping begin…
(Special thanks to Mudd Puppies fan extraordinaire Jimi Rentz for the tip on
all this.)


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