Beck Wants YOU To Vote (For Songs…)


Select your Record
Club picks to click and be quick.


By Fred Mills


To date Beck and his Record Club cohorts – who include folks from MGMT and Wilco as well as Feist, Devendra Banhart, St. Vincent and Jamie Lidell,
plus others – have remade/remodeled/radically re-envisioned complete albums originally
recorded by the Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Skip Spence, INXX and, er, Yanni (?!?), sometimes
with mixed results but never less than fascinating. Or at least worth a good
blog buzz for a few days. Now, mindful of the social networking and
crowdsourcing elements that increasingly help to sustain artists careers these
days, Beck wants YOU, the fans, to have a hand in the next project.


That’s right – he’s currently got a
message posted at his Record Club site soliciting your votes on which songs
from those that have been recorded should be included on a new Record Club
album. “Help us by choosing your 10 favorite songs for our first Record Club
album,” reads the message.


All ya gotta do is log in and vote.


We say just put the entire damn Yanni
album out and be done with it! As a wise person once pointed out, a lot more
guys have gotten laid using Yanni records as catnip than with Velvet
Underground LPs…


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