Bardo Pond Preps New Album – Finally!

Let’s not have such a
long gap between records from here on out, okay folks?


By Fred Mills


It’s been five years since phabulous psychedelic pharmacists
Bardo Pond released a new studio album, and as good as 2006’s Ticket Crystals (ATP Recordings) was, that’s
a long time for fans who over the years have thrilled to the band’s music. Even
more striking about the band’s relative silence was the sheer volume of output
that came before in terms of full-lengths (several on Matador, no less),
singles, EPs and their self-released experimental “Volume” series, along with
the Adrop suite that came out on the
Three Lobed label, also in 2006.


The drought is just about over, however: on January 11, Fire
Records will release Bardo Pond, and
that’s the artwork below. You can also check out an advance teaser MP3 too:




We don’t have too much additional info just yet, other than
this particularly evocative snippet of description courtesy the label. If you’re
a Bardo fan (ain’t we all?), however, it seems to work just about perfectly:



“This cauldron is a
bit of a different brew. It made total sense to me (as it will to you) when he
later told me the name of the LP is just “
Bardo Pond.” Why? It’s a distillation. Two
decades of playing together have sandblasted away everything unessential and
left us with what we have here. It was like no one else before them had ever
gotten near the plagal cadence, not Lou Reed or the Stooges or 2,000 yrs of
church music. They invented it all over again, independent of any of that,
after gawd knows how many yrs of flailing away and burning themselves up.”







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