A Pardon for the Lizard King?


The Doors’ Jim
Morrison’s conviction four decades ago just might be worth considering in a new
light, suggests outgoing Florida Governor Crist.


By Fred Mills


40 years is a long time to preserve a metaphorical member in
allegorical amber, so when Charlie Crist, soon to be the ex-Governor of
Florida, was approached awhile back about granting the late Jim Morrison
posthumous clemency for the singer’s obscenity conviction stemming from the
famous drunken-exposure incident in Miami in 1969, he said he’d think about it.


So today, reports CNN.com, Crist just may be planning to
take a serious look at the matter since he’ll be leaving office in early


Crist is quote as telling the U.S. Congressional newspaper The Hill, “It’s something that I
haven’t given a lot of thought to, but it’s something I’m willing to look into
in the time I have left. Anything is possible. Stay tuned.”


CNN adds that if Crist does decide to take the plunge, he
has to do so by December 9, and according to state law he has to have at least
two other consenting members of the Florida Board of Executive Clemency.


Let’s get on the stick there, Charlie. Zipped pants, er,
lips sink ships.


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