A Bachelorette Party on Vinyl


Horrible band name, but awesome music.


By Blurt Staff


My Electric Family introduced her pop sounds to new listeners all around
the planet. Little did they know that there were more sublime Bachelorette
songs where that came from – and not in the future, but rather, the past…


City is now prepping vinyl-only
reissues of her first two releases, “The End of Things” and Isolation Loops,
the first time either of these records have appeared in analog form. Both vinyl
releases will contain download codes. Watch for both on Nov. 16.


“The End of Things” appeared in 2005, a mini-LP. Here,
Bachelorette (aka Annabel Alpers of New Zealand) sketched out her basic design,
a bedroom version of hi-tech dance pop with an elastic sense of style under the
surface, its scope a vision of emotional landscapes where the intimate can become
the infinite in a sudden flash. This new vinyl version features new cover
artwork, a complete departure from the original “The End of Things” design.


Isolation Loops was first released in 2007 by
Electroplate Recordings and Mistletone Records. Bachelorette continued to fly
over a full spectrum of popular music forms, from girl-group to psychedelic to
torch to disco, always with an inventive ear for sounds and a gift for melody,
scored with the chilly sounds of drum machines and keyboards.


Alpersis wandering the world at present, moving around as
she works out the music for the new Bachelorette album, due for release in the
Spring of 2011.



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