Video: Church’s ARIA Induction Speech


“Tazzy tits?” Steve
Kilbey just won’t be held back… and who would want to, anyway?


By Blurt Staff


Our faves The Church, as previously announced, were
recently tapped for induction into the Australian version of the Rock And Roll
Hall of Fame – the ARIA Hall of Fame. So the band was formally inducted into
the Hall of Fame (taping) two nights ago, and it is to air tomorrow (Sat) night
in Australia


American fans, don’t despair if your TV antennas won’t quite
pick up the signal: a Church fan has posted the video of the Church’s induction
segment, and to say that frontman Steve Kilbey’s speech is over the top – and
one of the funniest things we’ve seen in ages – is an understatement. As one of
the BLURT staffers mused, “Well, THAT will certainly turn some heads. Have
people talking about the band again, no doubt, as well!”


“Give that man his own show”: No shit. Dude needs to have his own late night talk show. Guaranteed


Oh, and congratulations to the Church, from BLURT.


Log in to Facebook and then go here to watch the 16-minute
video clip.



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