Robert Wyatt Back Catalog For Reissue



Brings together under
one roof a slew of crucial, out of print classics.


By Blurt Staff


Domino Records plans to reissue the landmark records of
Robert Wyatt – one of the most distinguished, visionary, influential and
singular catalogues in contemporary music. These reissues will be the first
time many of these albums have ever been available on vinyl domestically; and
most of the titles have been out of print for several years, particularly in
the U.S.
And the 2009 box set regular changes hands for upwards of $150.


The reissue release dates and information on each is below.


Meanwhile, Wyatt,
Atzmon, Stephen’s For The Ghosts Within, is due November 9 on Domino. This new
collaborative album by Robert Wyatt,
saxophonist/composer Gilad Atzmon and violinist/composer Ros Stephen is
a tour de force of contemporary composition, once again highlighting
Robert Wyatt’s distinct role as a collaborator and conspirator, and his
never-ending appetite to create new musical languages. Watch BLURT for a review
of the album around the time of its release.


Robert Wyatt reissue
release dates + original year of release:


November 2, 2010

Rock Bottom (1974)

Ruth is Stranger Than
Richard (1975)

Nothing Can Stop Us (1981)

Old Rottenhat (1985)

Dondestan (1991/1998)



November 16, 2010

Schleep (1997)

EPs (CD only) (1998)

Cuckooland (2003)

Theatre Royal
Drury Lane 



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