Report: Miike Snow Live in Toronto


At the Koolhaus in Toronto on October 9, the remix-happy outfit
had to weather sound and gear issues but still managed to deliver.


Text/Photos By
April S. Engram


Something went
amiss for Miike Snow’s return to Toronto.
The doors opened an hour later than scheduled, members of the media were
forgotten and had to infiltrate their way in the pit for the photo opp, and Pontus
Winnberg fought his effects board for the show’s entirety, which – despite a
roadie’s fervent attempts – never produced a sound. Nevertheless, Miike Snow delivered
an energetic dance party and pleased their enthusiastic audience who danced and
sang along with the talented trio.




Before Miike
Snow graced the stage, Toronto’s Isis entertained the audience with a
charismatic set. Taking a break to pursue solo projects, MC Isis of the popular
duo Thunderheist, has released her solo album that blends rock, dance and
hip-hop. The catchy combination got the audience dancing and she even performed
a track from her Thunderheist days which excited her fans even more as they
sang and jumped to the beat. Isis joked that the level of energy the room was
giving her was liken to an orgasmic experience. Isis’ charming stage presence
and antics wooed the audience and she did take a moment to inform everyone of a
charitable cause which she is part of, The Uniform Project which raises money to
provide laptops for children in Nigeria’s
Galadima School [read more about her cause here].
 After her fun, upbeat set she instructed
the audience to go out there and “get laid, not pregnant…just get laid.” She
definitely warmed the crowd up for Miike Snow.






In just the year
since the release of their self titled debut, Miike Snow’s
popularity has steadily escalated from filling the role of opening act to “sold
out” headliners. After having the luxury of witnessing their skill to
out-perform their album live in a shortened set, I was excited to see the band
take the main stage. Lead singer Andrew Wyatt, and mixers Christian Karlsson
and Winnberg entered the stage under the cloak of darkness, their silver masks
and several layers of smoke and the room exploded.


Wyatt, Winnberg
and Karlsson decided to give their album a makeover and remixed nearly every
track. They played extended versions of the popular “Animal,” a livelier
rendition of “Burial” and a louder, edgier “Plastic Jungle.” Karlsson was
magnetic to watch as he enthusiastically danced, manipulated his effects, and
pounded on the percussion. They sounded great and put an infectious level of
energy into each song.


Still, Winnberg
was left to fight with his soundboard. The visibly frustrated musician looked
about the concert hall more than once, perhaps to gauge audience reaction; but,
the majority of fans showed little concern for the lack of sound emitting from
his effects. And after an hour of performing, Miike Snow retreated to the back
of the stage before returning for their two song encore. They began the
recognizable riff for personal favorite, “In Search Of” and the crowd exploded
once again. However, the perfectly executed track was so remixed that the
nuances which makes the song impressive were lost. Then for the last song of
the evening, the trio performed their version of Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids
Don’t Stand a Chance.”


Though Miike
Snow’s set was not very long, and their encore not wholly exciting, they were
entertaining to watch and opener Isis made a memorable impression.


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