Report: Klaxons Live at the Troubadour, L.A.



a sold-out crowd at the venerable L.A.
rock venue on October 9, the British lads were purely cosmic.


By Gil Macias


British psychedelic rockers The
Klaxons are purely cosmic on stage. The band made their way to Los Angeles last week to tour in support of
their amazing new album, Surfing the Void.
The band entered the stage to enormous cheers from a sold-out crowd, cheers
that were soon overpowered when the band burst into “Flashover,” a rip-roaring,
frantic rock anthem and not to mention, one of the new album’s strongest
tracks. Other new tracks that blew the crowd away included the mesmerizing and
eerie “Venusia” and the infectious, haunting and harmonic sound of “Future


The setlist surely wasn’t void
of any fan favorites from their debut album. The audience went into a frenzy
when “Magick” and “Two Receivers” played. But perhaps the biggest rush of the
night was the show’s closer. When those hair-raising and easily recognizable
sirens filled the room and fans knew what they were in for. The band kicked
into full throttle one last time with the pulse-pounding “Atlantis to
Interzone,” ending the show on satisfying a high note.


The Klaxons now have two very satisfying
albums under their belt and proved they’re phenomenal musicians on the stage.
If you haven’t checked them out already, they’re certainly a band to keep an
eye on.






As Above So Below

Same Space                                                          

Gravitys Rainbow


Golden Skans

Twin Flames

Two Receivers


Calm Trees


Future Memories

It’s Not Over Yet

Surfing The Void

Atlantis To Interzone






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