Presenting: The Blurt Fall CD Roundup



Now trending: trips to
the local landfill. That’s #landfill actually.


By Perez Mills


As we barrel headlong into the maw of the music industry’s
2010 ass-end, let’s take stock of all the Fourth Quarter CD releases: what’s
come out so far, what’s hot, what’s not, what remains until the first week or
so of December, etc. Thus far, record labels have lived up to their annual
mandate of releasing way more product
than most sane commercial enterprises would dare introduce to the commercial arena.
The photo below will give you a sense of what we’re talking about; it
represents a couple of weeks’ worth of promotional receipts dumped on the BLURT
penthouse doorstep.





But who ever said folks who work in the music industry are sane, eh? The second photo, below,
illustrates our editorial response – clearly, the proper one – to the CD
release deluge. Why? Because, gentle readers, we have your best interests at heart. Yes, the dumpster is full. Sorry about all the nasty environmental
stuff. Our prediction for 2011: more of the same. This has been a public
service – with guitars.


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