No Shit: Glastonbury 2012 Fest Cancelled



Something smells about
festival organizer’s explanation…


By Fred Mills


There’s cause, and then there’s effect. Or, put more
accurately, there’s an observable effect, after which one attempts to determine
the cause. In the case at hand, however, we have Effect – Cause – REAL Cause.


annual Glastonbury Festival –  demonstrably the grandaddy of all festivals when
you consider that Monterey Pop and Woodstock
were, technically, one-offs – will not be taking place in 2012. The reason
organizers have given is that the 2010 Olympics in London
will conflict, although in the past one reason many Glasto attendees have given
for going in the first place is to “get the hell out of London.” More than 130,000 show up at Glastonbury each year.So
it would seem, on the face of it, that cancelling the gathering is wildly


Not so, according to a report in this morning’s Daily Mail. Glastonbury
mainman Michael Eavis says that the reason behind the reason is a bit more
basic: there won’t be enough Porta-Johns (called “Portaloo buildings” in England) available for his festival due to the need
for the mobile outhouses in London
during the Olympics.


Said Eavis, “We have our own stock of portable toilets but we always need
more. We shop around with four companies to get the best price, but we are not
bothering for 2012. There will be a huge demand for Portaloo toilets in London, so every­one will
push up their prices and I can see it getting very expensive.”



One might imagine that since it is currently 2010, two years might be
sufficient time to arrange for the construction and delivery of Porta-Johns,
and in great enough quantities to ensure reasonable pricing, but oh well. Or
possibly consider changing the date of
the 2012 Glastonbury
so it doesn’t conflict with the Olympics, which start on July 27. Wait a minute
– Glasto is usually held at the end of the June.


Eavis also added as a companion reason for his decision is the presumed lack
of enough security for his festival, indicating he’d been told that all
officers would be on duty for the Olympics and that they could not be spared
for Glastonbury.
Again, though – check those dates.


Now that’s some serious shit. Maybe the REAL cause is that Eavis is simply tired of doing Glastonbury….



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