Nine Inch Nails’ 1989 Debut Reissued

Latest remaster of the
industrial-pop classic contains a lone bonus track.


By Blurt Staff


Posted this weekend by Trent Reznor at the official Nine
Inch Nails website:


I’m happy to finally
announce the re-issue of the first Nine Inch Nails record “Pretty Hate
Machine,” releasing worldwide 11/22. UMe and Bicycle Music Group managed to
locate the original mixes, so I went in the studio with Tom Baker and
remastered it for a greatly improved sonic experience. In addition, Rob
reinterpreted Gary Talpas’ original cover to make for a fresh new package.

It’s been an interesting trip watching the fate of this record float from one
set of hands to another (a long and depressing story) but it’s finally wound up
in friendly territory, allowing us to polish it up a bit and present it to you
now. We had fun revisiting this old friend, hope you enjoy.


Recall that the band’s TVT Records debut was originally
released in 1989 (see the original cover, below; the new cover is at the top of
the page), subsequently seeing a remastered reissue in 2005. This latest
iteration will contain one bonus track; can an expanded Deluxe Edition be far





1 Head Like a Hole
2 Terrible Lie
3 Down In It
4 Sanctified
5 Something I Can Never Have
6 Kinda I Want To
7 Sin
8 That’s What I Get
9 The Only Time
10 Ringfinger
*11 Get Down, Make Love (Queen cover bonus track, originally 1990 B-side to “Sin”



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