NASA Astronaut Sues Dido



Why is this woman


By Perez Mills


One occurrence is an anomaly; but in our fast-paced word,
two in less than six months makes it a Twitter trending topic! Following that
high profile lawsuit involving Vampire Weekend, lawyers across the planet are now
shuddering with delight at the recent news of a former NASA astronaut filing a
lawsuit against pop singer Dido over the “unauthorized” use of a photo for the
cover of her 2008 album Safe Trip Home.



As you can see from the album sleeve, above, it depicts… um…
something that looks kinda like a speck hovering in space. Upon closer
examination it is indeed an astronaut, and it turns out to be Bruce McCandless,
who was photographed in “free flying” mode about 320 feet from the space
shuttle Challenger on the Feb. 7, 1984 flight.


According to Bloomberg News, McCandless is alleging infringement
of is persona in the lawsuit, saying in the Los Angeles court filing that the “flight
remains the only occasion on which the manned maneuvering unit has been flown
to such a significant distance from a shuttle and allowed such photographs to
be taken.”


McCandless is suing Dido, Sony Music and Getty Images. Spokespersons
for the three defendants have not issued official comments yet.


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