Mothersbaugh Injured, DEVO Cancels Tour


Hand of guitarist is
sliced “to the bone,” prompting band to cancel tour. Rescheduling to be
announced soon.


By Fred Mills


DEVO has had to cancel their current American tour – which
was to include a high-profile appearance at MoogFest this weekend in North Carolina – in the
wake of a severe injury sustained by guitarist Bob Mothersbaugh. He apparently
cut himself at home, requiring his being rushed to the hospital.


In a statement by the band’s label, Warner Bros.: “A glass shard sliced
Mothersbaugh’s right thumb to the bone, severing a tendon. He underwent
immediate emergency surgery and is expected to make a full recovery after
proper care and therapy.”


Tour dates will be rescheduled for next year as the band resumes promoting
its recent Something For Everyone album – read about that in an interview with bandmember Gerald Casale here at


Meanwhile, in addition to performing at MoogFest, DEVO was set to be
presented the Moog Innovation Award by the folks from Moog Music. The award
“celebrates pioneering artists whose genre-defying work exemplifies the
bold, innovative spirit of Bob Moog” and will also be accompanied by the
presentation of a special synthesizer to the band. Plans now are for Casale and
Mark Mothersbaugh to still come to the event to receive the award. The pair are
reportedly also going to still mount something musical at Moogfest.


According to MoogFest organizers, “In spite of Bob’s horrible accident, both
of them are still coming to Moogfest and they are working on a couple of
performance ideas, including a possible collaboration with another band/artist.
We’re all still discussing the possibilities but both Mark and Gerald have
promised something immensely entertaining, at the very least.”




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