Moe Tucker Ain’t No Tea Partier!



And in a recent email
interview, she outlines exactly why, as well as why she’s no fan of Obama,


By Fred Mills


Okay, Velvet Underground and Moe Tucker fans (Half Japanese
and Charles Douglas fans too, for that matter…): here’s your chance to clear
your mind from all those swirling notions that erstwhile VU drummer Tucker had run
off and joined the Nazis or something.


Recall how earlier this month, video footage of Tucker being
at a (much) earlier Tea Party rally in Georgia went viral, and how much
gnashing of teeth and rending of cloth was heard. It’s like no one ever heard a
rock ‘n’ roller utter a discouraging word about the government.


Then recall how, in a followup piece, we had Charles Douglas,
formerly of Vegetarian Meat, write a piece on his association with Tucker in
1999 for one of his solo albums; he concluded that while he wasn’t surprised
Tucker would have strong opinions, that in no way was she “a crazy racist


Indeed, this week the St.
Louis Riverfront Times
published an email interview with Tucker in which
she clarified, with great precision, exactly what is going on with her and all
the assumptions that she’s suddenly turned into a right wing Tea Partier, and
elaborating, in great detail, exactly what she does tink about America and the
direction we’re headed in. As a demonstration of our right to free speech in
this country, it’s a remarkable interview in its own right, and you should read
the entire interview. It’s posted here at the Riverfront Times website.


Among Tucker’s central points:


– the government cannot do everything for everybody, or
“provide all things for all citizens”


– she disagrees with the “we won” attitude of the Obama


– she is “not ‘involved’ with the local Tea Party movement
but attended the rally where she appeared on camera because it was close to her
home and “wanted to be counted.” Furthermore, she expresses herself by email
and postcards and “anyone who thinks I’m crazy about Sarah Palin, Bush, etc.
has made quite the presumption. I have voted Democrat all my life.”


– “My philosophy was and is all politicians are liars,
bums and cheats
. I make decisions on an issue by issue basis. I’m far
more of an independent than a conservative or liberal. I don’t agree with all of either side, and I think anyone who claims to is either a fool or a
damn liar.”



You know… to that last point, we’re just going to have to say boy fucking howdy.
To Moe from BLURT – we salute ya.


Tucker added that she was surprised at the online reaction
to the video clip to the point of feeling “stunned” at the apparent intolerance
of so many supposed liberals. Oh, and that she doesn’t have time for music
anymore these days – she’s got an 8 year old grandchild she’s raising. “It’s a
full-time job,” she said. Amen to that.


By the way, make sure you read all the reader comments that
follow the interview. Tucker takes quite a bit of flak, while a number of Tea
Partiers weigh in alongside some genuinely thoughtful presumed “liberals.”
While I personally think that moderated oversight of the comments section of
any blog-style online feature is always in order, at least it’s another example
of free speech in action. And although some of the opinions are pretty strident (some are just dumb, too), a lot of solid points are made across the lengthy online debate.





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