It’s that time again… it’s LETTERS FROM THE ROAD, our guest post series where we invite musicians we adore to take over and write whatever they like. 2 rules: it has to be in the form of a letter, it has to have something to do with music. This week’s LETTERS FROM THE ROAD guest author is a dear friend and wonderful singer-songwriter, Decker Sachse:

Dear Mr. T,

Not you “pity the fool”, super-badass, A-Team Mr. T…. I’m talking to the other Mr. T… .Mr. Townsend, my music teacher from Barnard Elementary. Not that you weren’t a bad-ass in your own right; you were equally as scary as the guy that beat up Rocky.

I know it was 1983 and you’ve heard plenty of struggling voices since then but maybe you’ll remember me. I was the kid in your choir with the chili-bowl haircut, who you liked to refer to as “a lost gosling in the high weeds.” I think that was a reference to the way I would streeeeeeetch my neck, trying to find my voice. The notes often escaped me and I thought that if I craned my head out, as high as possible, I might reach those notes, find my way out of the weeds, and maybe you wouldn’t tell me how I looked like a baby goose in front of twenty other 4th graders []


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