Kurt Cobain MTV Letter on Auction Block


As one wag in the
comments section put it, “wow, selling a letter that Cobain wrote disparaging
corporate greed. I’m sure that’s what he would have wanted”


By Perez Mills


Okay, rock necrophiliacs, here’s your chance to own a piece
of history: a letter that Kurt Cobain of Nirvana drafted sometime in the early ‘90s
in which he takes MTV to, uh task is up for grabs at Julien’s Auctions, and
bids have already hit $2,500.00 as of this writing, which is 500 bucks more
than the auction house’s maximum estimate of its actual worth. (Thanks to the
Daily Swarm for the tip.)


The letter:



It reads thusly:


“Dear Empty TV/
the entity of all Corporate / GODS / We will survive without you/ easily – –
the / oldschool is going / DOWN FAST/ my lifes Dedication/ is Now to Do
Nothing/ But SLAG something / Kurdt Kobaineee professional Rock musician.” 


Julien’s describes it as “Single-page handwritten letter,
written in blue pen on lined notebook paper. 9 by 7 ½ inches.”


This reminds me – While I auctioned off all my Nirvana shit
ages ago to pay for hardwood floors in my house, I’ve still got Nirvana’s
original Sub Pop press kit in my collection, which includes their first
promotional photo, that I can make copies of and sell to all y’all Cobain fans
out there, like, cheep. Get in touch…



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