Guided By Voices Tops Blurt Poll



Most beloved band…
ever! from the Matador stable of bands. Or so says the Blurt electorate.


By Fred Mills


We polled; you spoke; we listened; now we spin. Starting
today, ALL our coverage will be about Guided By Voices, the defunct
band-that-no-longer-defunct and currently on a reunion tour following a
riotously successful appearance at the Matador 21 bash in Las Vegas a few weekends ago. Apparently
BLURT readers feel GBV is the toppermost of the poppermost, or maybe the
poppermost of the toppermost, because Pollard & Co. was the runaway
favorite in our most recent poll. We asked:


Happy 21st,
Matador! In honor of Matador Recs’ big anniversary bash this weekend in Vegas,
tell us who your all-time fave Matador act is


Your options were: Superchunk, Pavement, Jon Spencer Blues
Explosion, Liz Phair, Guided By Voices, Bardo Pond, Yo La Tengo, Mogwai, Belle
& Sebastian, Interpol, Cat Power, Shearwater, Jay Reatard.




And as you can see above from the final poll results, out of
62 votes cast, GBV was the clear winner, with 14 votes and 23% of the total;
coming in a distant second was Yo La Tengo, with 16%, followed by Pavement,
also a reunion baby these days, with 15%. After that the love was spread out
semi-evenly, with a few eye-opening surprises that may leave certain bands and
their fans feeling, uh, sorta bummed.


But don’t worry, kids – we’ll ask you again in 4 years at
the inevitable 25th anniversary Matador celebration.


Meanwhile, as we prepare to convert our website to “all
GBV/all the time” (it’ll take a little while; first we have to lay in some
smokes and beers), click back to the BLURT homepage and scroll down the left
hand side for our newest poll…


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